What if I test negative?

If your HIV test result is negative, It is important that you retest in 6 weeks since you might be in the window period. The window period is the time in which you may be newly infected with HIV, but the test is still unable to pick this up.

Once your negative status is confirmed, remain negative by committing to HIV prevention.

We often meet people who have risky sexual behaviours and are negative and believe that they don't need to worry, because they think they are immune to HIV. No one is immune to HIV. Every sexual encounter that you have can expose you to HIV if your sexual partner is HIV positive and you have sex without a condom.

The only way to prevent HIV infection is through consistent condom use. The more partners you have, the greater the risk of exposure to HIV, so it is best to have one partner. If that is not for you, Yenza kahle!