Medical Male Circumcision (MMC)

Medical male circumcision (MMC) is a safe and effective way to bring down your risk of HIV infection. Learning more about the benefits and disadvantages of circumcision can help you make the call to get circumcised. Men living with HIV should know that getting circumcised has benefits for them too! Many men have doubts or questions about who can go for circumcision and whether they can circumcise all year round, we have the answers. If you've made the decision to get circumcised check out the Brothers Guide to Getting Circumcised, it has all the information you need, from making a booking to dealing with healing. If you've already circumcised, we have information on caring for your wound after circumcision. Boys and teens can go for MMC from ten-years-old. You can get information on caring for your son's wound here. If you were circumcised for religious or cultural reasons you might have a partial circumcision, click here for our section that shows the difference between circumcised, uncircumcised and partially circumcised.

Remember, circumcision is just one tool in your HIV prevention toolbox that needs to be used along with other tools like condoms and sticking to one partner, in order to give you maximum protection from HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy.