Who Can Go For Circumcision?

You can get circumcised as an adult. Men of any age can circumcise to take control of their health, to protect themselves, their loved ones and their partners. You are never too old to make the right choice!

Some religious groups circumcise boys soon after birth, and some cultures such as the amaXhosa circumcise young men as part of an initiation process that marks the journey from boyhood to manhood. But if you weren't circumcised as a baby, you can still circumcise later in life. You can still benefit from this very effective intervention of preventing new HIV infections in boys and men.

If you were circumcised for religious or cultural reasons, your circumcision may only be a partial circumcision and not a full circumcision. The entire foreskin must be removed in order to enjoy the full health advantages of circumcision. If you are unsure about whether you are uncircumcised, partially circumcised or fully circumcised go to your nearest health facility for assistance.

Public health facilities do not circumcise baby boys but will circumcise boys who are 10-years-old and older. Boys younger than 10 can only be circumcised if there is a specific medical problem. Boys and young men under the age of 18 must have permission from their parent/s or guardian/s to be circumcised.