Living Positive

Are you living with HIV, or are you a friend, partner or family member of someone living with HIV? Growing your knowledge about HIV treatment and adherence can empower you and your loved one to live your best life!

Understanding how HIV affects the body is the first step to understanding how ARVs stop HIV from taking over. Once you know about ARVs you can read up on starting treatment: including what treatment regimens are available. Our section on adherence to treatment explains why it is important to take ARVs without skipping or stopping, gives practical tips to help take ARVs on time, all the time, and has information on side effects and how to manage them. Disclosing your HIV status to get support is also an important part of living positively and can have a great effect on sticking to treatment and staying healthy and strong. If you stay on treatment you can also start a family. Find out more about HIV treatment and pregnancy, and read about stigma, discrimination and the rights of people living with HIV.