Rape & Abuse

Whether you are a man at risk of abusing or raping someone, a rape survivor, or community member wanting to prevent violence in your community, this page can offer you help and information.

There are many myths about rape which keep us trapped in abusive and violent behaviour - check out the facts here. If you think you are a man at risk of abusing or raping women the first step to change is identifying the warning signs. If you want to know more about how you can prevent rape in different spaces in your community.

If rape happens, knowing what to do to if someone is raped, like getting medical help and reporting rape, can protect survivors from further harm. If you are a rape survivor, or a friend, partner, or family member of a rape survivor, our Survivor Healing Map can help make sense of thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the aftermath of rape. Knowing more about how rape can affect a survivor can help survivors and those close to them move towards a place of understanding and healing. Love and support is important for people healing from rape; friends, family and partners can find information about supporting rape survivors here.