Rape & Abuse Intro

The majority of rapists are men.

Men who rape come from different backgrounds.

Most men who rape share common experiences, beliefs and behaviours.

If you have ever raped or abused women:

  • You can be helped if you want to be helped.
  • The shame of the rape dies if you accept the wrong you have done and the hurt you have caused.
  • This gives you an opportunity to heal and stop raping.

You may need help if you say yes to any of these questions:

  • I have had repeated thoughts about forcing someone to have sex
  • I have had sex with a drunk person
  • I have forced someone to have sex with me
  • I have ignored someone asking me to stop going through with a sexual act
  • A had an erection and had to have sex, no matter what
  • I believe that when she sais no, she meant yes
  • I was angry with a woman and forced her to have sex as punishment or revenge
  • I spent money on her - she owed me sex, so I took what she owed me
  • I had waited long enough for her to agree so I forced her
  • She was dressed like she wanted sex, so I forced her