Rape Warning Signs

Men who rape have negative beliefs about women, about relationships and about sex. Some common beliefs:

  • They believe that their sexual partners do not have the right to say no to sex.
  • They believe that they are entitled to sex whenever they feel aroused.
  • They believe that women are inferior to men.
  • They believe that they if they buy women drinks or gifts that she owes them sex.
  • They believe that they can tell a partner what clothes to wear and control where their partners should go and which friends she sees.

Common experiences include:

  • Not having a caring, positive father figure
  • Leaving school at an early age
  • Experience of violence at home or in the community
  • Poor communication at home
  • Witnessing or experiencing sexual abuse
  • Experience of being bullied
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Three quarters of men who rape do it for the first time before they are 20 years old, and most rape more than once.

If you have raped and taken full responsibility for your actions through the legal system, you can play an active role in addressing rape by making a difference, through sharing your journey and speaking out against rape, especially to other men.